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Here are two clear-cut examples of why TV/Movies for children is so entertaining. 

Whenever my wife goes to class on Mon & Wed evenings, I bribe the boys to eat their dinner and get their pajamas on (in record time mind you) with the promise of watching Discovery Channel’s “Man Vs. Wild with Bear Grylls,” or, as my boys like to call it “Jungle!”  Whenever they are slowing down on eating their food and the latest gimmicky game can’t convince them that eating their dinner and having a full stomach is a good thing, I know that I can always pull out the wild card by proclaiming “All right!  Who wants to watch ‘Jungle?!?'”  To which they respond with more gusto.  If only other things in life were this easy to manipulate. 

On the other hand, whenever our oldest boy poops in the toilet, he is rewarded with half a stick of gum.  Oh children.  Anyway, after his latest triumph on the porcelain throne, I gave him the stick of gum, upon which he beamed brightly.  But as I was working on my laptop in the kitchen, I kept seeing him go to the bathroom, turn on the light, and climb up on the step stool in front of the sink to look at himself in the mirror.  After the third time he did this, I asked him why he kept looking at himself in the mirror, to which he replied: “To see if my nose is turning blue.”  Apparently he had just watched Willy Wonka and was worried that if he chewed the gum too long, he would turn into a blueberry.  To have a little fun with him, I said to him “Oh no, Ben, your nose is beginning to turn blue.”  He then sprinted into the bathroom, presumably to look at himself in the mirror and discover that his nose indeed was not turning blue and that I was just teasing.  However, after a few seconds, he reemerged from the bathroom sans gum.  I asked him where his gum was and he said that he had spit it out for fear of turning blue.  When I told him I was just kidding, he began to cry, which made me feel awful.  So to make up for the prank, I gave him another stick of gum and a huge hug. 

See, TV is fun with kids!


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